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dynamic presentations

for students | parents | professionals


Francisco Ramirez, MPH
Award-winning keynote speaker, delivering
engaging and actionable presentations designed
to improve health, equity, and respect


Francisco Ramirez is a keynote speaker, tech founder, and media host. He holds a Master of Public Health, with a concentration in sexuality, from Columbia University and has consulted on sexual health and diversity in more than a dozen countries for the United Nations since 2005. He lectures internationally on: sexual respect & consent, sexual pleasure, innovative approaches to sexual health, and how to talk to children, partners and patients about sex. He also serves as producer and on-air host at MTV and NPR, and is co-creator, producer and co-host of “Sex Probz,” a docu-series for New York Magazine.

He recently released OkaySo, a smartphone app aimed at giving young people free access to sexperts, 24/7. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Education & Training at Planned Parenthood of New York City. Notably, since 2008, he has put out two chairs and a sign that says “Free Sex Advice,” giving free sex & dating advice to passersby in New York City parks and subways.


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University-level sex ed for college students & YOUNG ADULTS


- Presentations -

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What do consent—and non-consent—look like in the real world? Learn to identify verbal and non-verbal examples of consent and refusal, and exchange views on determining, communicating and respecting boundaries in this interactive workshop involving text messages, TV clips, and case studies.

2. Less Shame, More Orgasms . . .

This frequently requested, interactive talk covers everything you need to know to live your best sex life. Find out what you can practically do to minimize judgment and maximize pleasure. We'll talk communication tips that actually work, anatomy myths, sex toys, sexual respect and the 3 keys to designing your own road map to pleasure. Stay until the end when we leave time for the audience's favorite anonymous questions!

3. Close Quarters: Managing Hookups in Shared Spaces . . .

How do you handle the awkwardness of hooking up or dating when you live in a dorm or have a roommate? From privacy and “sexiling,” to the “walk of no shame,” we’ll answer all of your deepest worries about hooking up when space is tight. This workshop is interactive and focuses on minimizing mistakes, practical communication tools, and the intersection between privacy and social media.

4. Upstander 101: Standing Up Against Bullying and Harassment . . .

How can you tell when what you’re seeing constitutes harassment? How can you best respond when you see it happening? What does the research say are the most effective and safest ways to intervene? Answer these questions and gain essential skills and tools needed to increase the safety and well-being of the people in your community.

5. Gender Queer . . .

Find out what you've always to know about gender identity, sexual orientation, pronouns and more. In this interactive workshop, we'll unpack gender expression, the binary, respectful terms and more. We'll also talk about what happens when we get something wrong, and how we can best support each other—no matter who we are, or how we identify. All are welcome!



Click on each title below for a description.

1. Free Advice Live! . . .

Francisco has made a career giving sex and dating advice–everywhere from MTV, to the United Nations, and a sex advice app he created with the federal government. For 10 years he's spent his weekends on New York City park benches with a sign that says "Free Sex Advice." Come hear what he's learned over the years. Then, sit back and have all of your juiciest (anonymous) questions on sex, dating, and hookups answered!

2. 'Not TMI' Trivia . . .

It's never TMI at Sex Ed Trivia Night! Team up with your neighbors--and make new friends—at this juicy night of sex-related trivia. Learn more than you ever thought you would (or perhaps wanted to) about: orgasm, pleasure, hookups and more! Fabulous—and/or—utterly ridiculous prizes to be won! [Content can be modified to meet audience’s needs.]

3. Spill-the-Tea Time . . .

Continue the conversation in an informal setting.

4. Free Advice in the Quad . . .

Francisco is happy to offer free advice on sex, dating, and relationships to your community. All that's needed is 1 bench, or 2 folding chairs!

5. Guest-in-residence . . .

Francisco is happy to stay on your campus and interact with your community for one or more weeks at a time. Programming can vary and can be offered in both academic and non-academic settings.





Award-winning sexuality educator, Francisco Ramirez, MPH, delivers interactive and engaging talks for parents and caregivers. His talks offer:

• an inclusive and evidence-based approach to sexuality education
practical takeaways and conversation starters that work
• the latest updates and resources on digital safety
age-appropriate recommendations: what to talk about & at what age
interactive exercises that have been tested with parents and children
• tips for increasing your confidence and comfort level
• fail-safe strategies for responding to difficult questions
• an empowering approach appropriate for all parents, regardless of their knowledge level

1. DIGITAL DILEMMAS: staying safe online and off

2. TACKLING “THE TALK”: what to say, when to say it--and how

3. “C” IS FOR CONSENT: how to talk consent & sexual respect with your child

4. TIME FOR PUBERTY: what to expect and what to say





1. Diversity and Equity in the Workplace 101

2. Modernizing Sex Ed: hitting "refresh" on your approach to sexual health

3. How Inclusive Is Your Clinic or Workplace?

4. Less Awkward: the art and science of mastering awkward (sexual) conversations

5. Entrepreneurial IQ: 10 keys to creating an unconventional career in sexuality




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