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Francisco Ramirez, MPH - Speaker & Consultant


Francisco Ramirez, MPH
Award-winning keynote speaker and consultant on sexual health, sexual respect, and diversity and inclusion

Delivering engaging and actionable presentations to students, parents, and professionals

Designing innovative solutions to challenges in sexual health, sexual respect, diversity and inclusion

Helping companies and institutions build a more equitable workplace and community


INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS to modern problems.

Francisco Ramirez is a keynote speaker, tech founder, and media host. He holds a Master of Public Health, with a concentration in sexuality, from Columbia University and has consulted on sexual health and diversity in more than a dozen countries for the United Nations since 2005. He lectures internationally on: sexual respect & consent, sexual pleasure, innovative approaches to sexual health, and how to talk to children, partners and patients about sex. He also serves as producer and on-air host at MTV and NPR, and is co-creator, producer and co-host of “Sex Probz,” a docu-series for New York Magazine.

He recently released OkaySo, a smartphone app aimed at giving young people free access to sexperts, 24/7. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Education & Training at Planned Parenthood of New York City. Notably, since 2008, he has put out two chairs and a sign that says “Free Sex Advice,” giving free sex & dating advice to passersby in New York City parks and subways.

Okayso, available in the app store

Okayso, available in the app store


dynamic presentations that make an impact.

Francisco offers interactive, engaging talks for students, parents, and professionals. His talks offer:

An inclusive, evidence-informed approach to sexual health sexual respect, diversity and equity

Practical takeaways and solutions that work

Interactive exercises, tested with target audiences

Facilitating a training at the United Nations. Francisco has led 100+ trainings at the UN since 2005

topics for every audience.

Francisco offers a variety of talks on themes including: consent, sexual health, respect & diversity, and more.




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Television, radio, and digital content that gets noticed.

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Francisco frequently hosts and produces content for television, radio, and digital media. He has hosted, and created content, for MTV, National Public Radio (NPR), New York Magazine, and he recently won a CINE Golden Eagle Award for his educational videos on sexual health and sexually transmitted infections. Additionally, he has been featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal for his work in the field of sexual health and innovation.


watch “SEx probz” on new york magazine & THe cut

Watch as Francisco Ramirez and Dirty Lola help New Yorkers make over their sex lives in a new docu-series for New York Magazine and The Cut: “Sex Probz with Francisco and Lola.”

Watch as Francisco Ramirez and Dirty Lola help New Yorkers make over their sex lives in a new docu-series for New York Magazine and The Cut: “Sex Probz with Francisco and Lola.”

Episode 3: I’m Kinky and Broke.

Sex Probz, a new series from the Cut, follows sex educators Francisco and Lola as they solve the problems New Yorkers face in the bedroom with advice, interior décor, and a sex toy or two. When Zach Zimmerman isn't performing standup around the world or topping iTunes' comedy charts, he's thinking about kink.

Episode 2: I Want to Keep My LDR Sexy.

Being in a long distance relationship is no cup of tea-something Tea Jarrett knows firsthand. The Brooklyn native has been with her partner for 3 years now, but since he moved to LA, they've found it a struggle to remain sexually attracted to each other.

Episode 1: I’m Disabled. How Do I Make My Sex Life Amazing?

Does having a disability prohibit you from having a full, joyous sex life? Absolutely not. Sex Probz, a new series from the Cut, follows sex educators Francisco and Lola as they solve the problems New Yorkers face in the bedroom with advice, interior decor, and a sex toy or two.

CNN's "This is Sex" with Lisa Ling


Speaking with Lisa Ling on the state of sex ed
after the premiere of CNN's "This is Sex."



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NPR Feature Story:



NPR Story:


"What Does the Dance Floor Mean to You?"

Francisco Ramirez and Jasmine Garsd visited Queens, N.Y., to celebrate gay Latinx pride and remember the 49 lives lost at the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

The attack hit a place that is practically sacred for Latinxs, and especially members of the LGBT community: the dance floor. For this episode, we collect stories of love, hope, freedom and joy on the dance floor. Listen below, or see the full story.



Since 2008, Francisco has put out a sign that says “Free Advice on Relationships, Sex & Dating” in New York City parks, streets and subway platforms.

New Yorkers line up and ask any question about:

  • sex + sexuality

  • hooking up etiquette

  • handling the E's & F's (emotions + feelings)

  • dating + relationship dramas

  • sexual health & safer sex in the real world

  • abstinence

  • confessing "dirty little truths"

  • navigating Facebook wars, Tinder, OKC, and sexting

People of all backgrounds and circumstances are welcome in the #FreeSexAdvice chair. 

Best of all, no tips are requested or accepted.

Read more… and come visit!




Consulting for Durex & MTV's #SomeoneLikeMe Campaign

With a solid public health background and years of global experience in education, training, research, and media, Francisco is regularly hired as a consultant in the following areas:


Public Health and Sexual & Reproductive Health

  • Facilitating trainings, workshops, retreats on: strategic planning, needs assessments, program planning
  • Designing, implementing & evaluating innovative sexual and reproductive health programs
  • Creating sexual health curricula for classrooms & e-courses
  • Consultations on sexuality- and health-related projects, products and campaigns
  • Authoring and reviewing sexual- and health-related policies
  • Designing & conducting research efforts (qualitative, quantitative, focus groups, difficult to reach populations)


  • Hosting media and live events on television, radio and in new media
  • Designing transmedia projects (including mobile apps, interactive websites, multimedia campaigns)
  • Television and media production, including: conceptualization, production, directing, scripting, hosting and casting


  • Career coaching & advice on for established and aspiring sexuality educators

work with francisco

To inquire about collaborating with Francisco and his team of health & media experts, write to or click below.


Clients include:


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